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Midnight Deliveries Ornament


Midnight Deliveries Ornament


The Story of Midnight Deliveries

This rosy cheeked fellow is known universally. Each year he ranks in the top ten for popularity. He is recognized not only for his navagational capabilities, but also for his planning and organizational materies, as seen in the efficiencies of his ever growing toy and present factories. His image is featured everywhere around the globe prominentaly, so he cannot travel anonymousely. However, he remains an eternal mystery, for he has only been dimly spotted, never fully seen. He is called Santa Claus or St. Nicholas, predominantly. Throughout the course of this jolly elf’s long history, there are many tales that could fill volumes of humnaries. Only a few have caught a glimpse, and these are rarities, of seeing him and his reindeer on a rooftop or chimney. His exact arrival and departure times are always mysteries, often leaving many questions for further consideration and clarity. We do know that he and his team move nimbly, quickly and quietly, traveling on December 24th, whether the weather is fair or blustery, so on the 25th you awake to happy surprises and discoveries. Leaving filled stockings and presents found beneath your tree, Santa and his team, every year, help to make merry Christmas memories, with their Midnight Deliveries.

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JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Midnight Deliveries JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Mouth blown, hand-painted and glittered in Poland

Sterling silver lined hand blown glass Santa Claus Christmas sleigh ornament

Whimsical hand-painted and snowflake patterned Santa’s sleigh filled with pink, red and white wrapped gifts

Trimmed with Czech crystals and gold tassel

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Weight 2 lbs
Shipping Dimensions 5.5 × 3.0 × 6.5 in