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About Us

About Culbreth

Inspired by the entrepreneurial spirit of his grandfather, Culbreth Spivey, Culbreth & Company was started from a drive of personal success. William Culbreth Spivey, sole owner and operator, received his love for decorating and celebrating the Christmas holiday from his paternal grandmother, Marjorie Spivey. Even in her 90’s, Marjorie still enjoyed the art of Homemaking. For years as a child, Culbreth admired the sewing abilities of his maternal grandmother, Louise Morgan, who was a domestic seamstress.

With these talents and the love and appreciation of people that his grandfather Morgan demonstrated to him, he now aspires to serve the public with dedication and enthusiasm for each client and the goods he fabricates and sells to them. From a deeply rooted place within, Culbreth loves the art of creating, thanks to the wonderful journey of love between a grandson and his grandparents.

These days Culbreth & Company operates on the foundation of family. His mother, Bessie Spivey, and father, Herman Spivey, can often be found greeting customers and lending a hand in the day to day operations. Online customers often will know Mrs. Spivey on a first name basis. With their dedication and support, our customers feel like they are part of the greater Culbreth & Company family.

We are two shops, one owner, under one roof.

Culbreth and Company is our holiday and home gift shop. Catering mainly to the Christmas season we offer a year-round holiday shop. Filled with ornaments and Christmas collectibles, shoppers find everything Warm, Merry and Bright to make their holidays special. Christmas traditions begin at Culbreth and Company. Home accents and gifts that we select at designer markets add to our shoppers retail experience throughout the year.

The Rummage Warehouse is 10,000 ft.² of vintage treasure hunting. Weekly we are liquidating Estates and bringing them to the warehouse. Three days a week we are open to the public. If it’s in a house or grandma’s attic then we probably have it!

Two shops under one roof, mixing the old and the new, makes for a whole lot of fun!

Our Mission

Culbreth & Company is dedicated to the experience of a holiday home, through the handmade fabrication and sales of quality Christmas decor and floral arrangements. Our goal is to support our customers in building traditions that lead to joyful memories. Christmas traditions begin at Culbreth & Company.