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Holly Nicholas Ornament


Holly Nicholas Ornament


The Holly Nicholas Story

Here is the story of Holly Nicholas; his origins are unknown, but arrival was conspicuous. He walked into town one day with only a satchel, it held his gardening instruments. Studying the soil and light for weeks with a vigilance, he logged his findings in a large leather bound ledger. All angles were considered and carefully measured. One day, pulling seedlings from his coat pocket, he dug small holes and watered. By the time winter’s first snow was brewing, his seedlings had grown to bushes that were blooming. In contrast to the white blanket of snow, they proudly showed a red berried glow. Holly, he said it was called.  Everyone then said the same, and now, he too had a name: “Holly Nicholas”. They all chanted and applauded, and on Christmas Eve that year he was lauded. Nicholas was given a berry trimmed muff, and a  coat adorned with holly and snow white cuffs. Everyone celebrated, gave thanks and was merry, and so ends this chapter of Holly Nicholas’ story.

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JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Holly Nicholas JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Mouth blown, hand-painted and glittered in Poland

Sterling silver lined hand blown Santa Claus Christmas tree ornament

Special limited edition hand-painted red and white stripe holly berry leaf patterned coat Santa

Trimmed with Czech crystals and gold tassel

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Shipping Dimensions 4.5 × 4.5 × 7.5 in