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Brite Lite Pine


Brite Lite Pine


The Brite Lite Pine Story

It was many years ago,

in a winter covered by the deepest blanket of snow.

I found myself turned around deep within the forest’s trails.

I looked for the markers I left earlier to no avail,

or for another path that could be shorter,

as my feet grew heavy and my heart beat stronger.

The long afternoon dimmed to twilight

and then quickly fell to a moonless night.

Not a sound could be heard except for my pounding ears and chest,

I tried to  steady both with measured breaths.

I prayed for peace with what was to be next, I would do my best.

All the Lord’s creatures were safely asleep in their beds.

I was lost in the dark, deep in the woods and all alone.

Then suddenly the Brite Lite Pine arose and shone.

It was the most welcome sight I have ever known.

The memory remains magical and cherished,

of twinkling lights shining in a brilliant chorus.

A glittering silvery snow cap trimmed tree,

appearing in the dark to save me.

I share my tale so others who are lost will have faith to follow,

rejoicing like me in many happy tomorrows.

JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted & Glittered in Poland

Sterling Silver Lined Glass

Special limited edition vintage style red and green big ball silver glitter Christmas tree ornament

Unique Holiday home decor collectible keepsake bottle bruch Christmas tree ornament trimmed with silver nonpareils

Style: 80328

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Weight .8 lbs