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Colonel Camembert


Colonel Camembert


The Colonel Camembert Story

Colonel Camembert rose quickly through the rodent ranks,

without guns, swords or tanks, with actions initially called pranks.

His famed military tactic of waiting for the right breeze,

won every battle with opponents fleeing or on their knees,

with his towering stockpiles of limburger, camembert and brie.

All down wind were knocked out in scores and there is lore,

Musophobia on his battlefields was born.

The Colonel relished his cheese, ever nibbling when at ease,

as did his militia who famously coined “whose cutting the cheese,”

while opponents in retreat would beg no more please!

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JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted & Glittered in Poland

Sterling Silver Lined Glass

Unique, whimsical hand painted Christmas mouse nutcracker wearing a red shiny soldier suit with green and gold glitter details.

Fun limited edition keepsake Christmas nutcracker mouse ornament standing on a drum.

Style: 80205

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