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Beary Greetings


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Beary Greetings


The Beary Greetings Story

When it’s the night before Christmas and the weather is bad,

Old Saint Nick relies on this dashing young lad.

Growing up deep in the forest lined with spruce, oak and beech,

he knows all the nooks where the sleigh just can’t reach.

Dressed in his jolly plaid Santa suit,

this smart bear remembers every drop off and route.

Steadily moving all through the night,

seeing this cub at work is one special sight.

He always delivers safely and complete,

everything in his bag filled toys, games and treats.

On Christmas forest residents have nothing to fear,

Saint Nick keeps his friend near,

calling on his best bear partner when the weather’s severe.

Out of stock

JingleNog Collectible Ornament

Mouth Blown, Hand Painted & Glittered in Poland

Sterling Silver Lined Glass

Whimsical Red, White, and Green Christmas plaid Santa Claus Bear Christmas Tree Ornament

Unique limited edition collectible keepsake bear Christmas tree ornament decoration

Style: 80554

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