Creating the Experience of Christmas

While the meaning of Christmas starts in our hearts, there are many ways to delight the imagination and senses through the holiday season.

Here at Culbreth & Company we like to start our holiday displays with a beautiful nativity by Mark Roberts.  For many, the nativity anchors the holiday in purpose and joy.  Often, nativities are passed down from generation to generation, which in itself brings special holiday tradition to every Christmas season.  Mark Roberts creates some of the most magnificient nativities available.

Tradition can also be kindled with all the fabulous smells of the holiday season.  The smell of Frasier Fir lingers in the memories of many from Christmases past.  Thymes Candles burn with the scent of Frasier Fir like no other candle.  Whether it’s a countertop spray, wax melt, handwash, hand cream, or a scent diffuser, we at Culbreth & Company rank Thymes Candles Fraiser Fir products among our favorite Christmas traditions!

Christmas would not be complete without beautiful decorations!  RAZ Imports is one of our most enjoyed holiday lines.  Holiday embelishments by RAZ Imports can bring a touch of whimsy or the warmth of tradition to your holiday home.  Below are some of the great things you will find offered by RAZ Imports this holiday season.

Creating the magic of Christmas starts in our hearts and is expressed by all the wonderful things we choose to enhance our experience.  Whether it’s Mark Roberts, Thyme’s Candles, or RAZ Imports, they each bring something unique to the tradition of our celebrations.

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Ribbon brings a smile to every holiday season!


When it comes down to the finishing touches of most any holiday design it’s the ribbon that speaks the loudest! At Culbreth & Company we sell many varieties including D. Stevens, Reliant, Offray, Regency, and David Christopher ribbon.  These ribbons come in various widths, patterns and textures that can be blended to create the most eye-catching designs.


Finding the right Christmas ribbon starts with your holiday color palette.  The ribbon you select can serve as the focal point of your holiday theme or as the finishing touch that pulls everything together to tell the final story.


In the images that follow, you will see a variety of examples where ribbon is used as a simple accent or in layers to create holiday cheer and splendor.  The art of using ribbon is being able to create the illusion of movement to command attention and pull together all of the elements without overpowering the entire theme.


Whether it’s D. Stevens, or one of our other wonderful brands such as Reliant or Offray, they each offer long-lasting quality and design that will carry you for many holiday seasons ahead.  These luxury wired ribbons, when well stored, will last for many, many years.  Always look at purchasing ribbon as an investment that will continue to pay off for holidays to come.

Here are a few samples of the Christmas ribbon selection now at Culbreth & Company:



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JingleNog – Creating Magical Traditions for your Christmas Tree

The magic of Christmas for many begins in the tradition of collecting beautiful hand-blown glass ornaments which adorn the tree every year, recalling the memories and joys of years past.

Adding to the magic of Christmas is our newest line, JingleNog.  These heirloom-quality European blown glass ornaments bring great splendor and delight to every tree.

The designer and owner of JingleNog, Melissa Byrne, creates each of these Christmas ornaments with their own unique story.


This is “Holiday Rescue”

The Holiday Rescue Story

There was a Dalmation named Spot, who since he was a newborn pup, aspired to the job of driving a fire truck.  As soon as he was able, when the firehouse whistle blew, our dog Spot was in view, leaping into action he flew, down the fire pole to help with rescues.  Each morning he awoke with energy and commitment renewed, pooch play dates he would eschew, with “a rain check?  Thank you!”  Even on Sundays after visiting his pew, he would bid his family adieu, then studying until the wee of the night would ensue.  Spot trained harder than anyone in his crew, and as he did, his knowledge grew, soon he was the one they all turned to, because he knew what was what and what to do. After years of dedication Spot’s dream came true.  He was named chief driver of the Holiday Rescue.

Each of these wonderful creations by JingleNog come in a beautifully packaged box containing their own unique and joyful story.  What fun to recall the whimsical tales of each and every year when decorating the family tree!

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